Working with purposefully restrictive processes and traditional materials, I make oil paintings that oppose the sleek, slick, clever, and automated. By contrast, my paintings are coarse, dense, and labored. As a starting point, I often attempt to mimic intangible aspects of life by way of analogy. However, in the long view, the continuum of my work is most deeply involved with dismantling and re-configuring the histories and traditions of painting in such a way that it honors mastery of craft and reveres a search for the unknown.

My current work consists of accumulating swaths of overlapping color. Irregularly textured surfaces amass as thick layers of paint are repeatedly slathered on, scrapped away, redeposited, drawn through, or gouged out. While my work rarely exposes recognizable imagery elements of text and under-drawing are often embedded within the structures offering punctuation to otherwise “all over” compositions. Specific visual elements are recycled throughout the paintings constituting a personalized language which facilitates a physical, an object-oriented approach to making art.